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Fursuit DIY : Eye Mesh

Fursuit DIY : Eye Mesh

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Mesh for two sets of small eyes or one large set!
The business card has tips for making your own fursuit eyes.

⁺₊☽ Fursuit Eye Materials ☾₊⁺⋆
Mesh - colour to look like your eye
★ Plastic - the sides or "white" of the eye
Felt/foam - to make lids/lashes

⁺₊☽ Colour your mesh with ☾₊⁺⋆
★ Acrylic paint
★ Markers

⋆⁺₊☽ Measurements ☾₊⁺⋆
★ A5 - 21 x 15 cm piece
★ When ordering multiple it may come as one piece


Use this tutorial video for reference:

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