General FAQ

Who is Carniv Creations?

Well hi! I'm Rue, or Carniv as some of you have started calling me, a 23 year-old UK artist! Been running Carniv Creations since 2018 and making suits since 2014. Most of everything is done by me, but sometimes I get help from my ever patient partner Arc and my lovely part time studio assisstant LimeyPie.

To see more please go to the About Us!


What is the best way to contact you?

 Right now it is still Telegram @RueCarniv or Instagram @CarnivCreations we're working on setting up an email that doesn't get flooded with emails from orders and other things. You can reach out through but replies may be a little slow.


Something is out of stock, when will it be restocked?

Most things are limited run, but please reach out as it lets us know what to bring back or make more of. Sometimes we also have left over stock from our in person events, so we might have 1 last one sitting in the con stock box!


What events do you attend?

Right now it is ConFuzzled, London Furs and Barkade- we try to go to these everytime if we can! 

We're trying to go to more, but it is hard to keep up with when each of them open


Can I draw/use a character from one of your products?

I'm so touched you loved them that much! All of them are designs that either I or my friends own, so please do not claim them as your own or make them into your own characters.

If you would like to draw gift art we'd love to see our boi Horizon or one of the other beans on my toyhouse! We even have a little discount code to say thank you!!


Why is Etsy so much more expensive than

Etsy charges a substantial fee for their services and frequently makes changes that can sometimes affect our ability to receive payment for orders.


Are you hiring?

Right now we are not looking to fill any roles, but we are interested in working with more people! 

When it comes to collaborating on merch designs or adopts we only do that with mutals (people we are following online).

For other roles we mostly look for people who are 18+, able to commute to be in person (north/east London, UK), have previous experience making their own content, being part of the furry community is a bonus! Having art or making skills is not required, but always helpful.