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Carniv Creations

Fursuit : Fan Stickers Included

Fursuit : Fan Stickers Included

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Suitable for in and out of suit at any time!
Stay cool and stylish at any convention

⋆⁺₊☽ Features ☾₊⁺⋆
★ 3 Speeds
★ Rechargeable battery using USB-C with cable included
★ LED display
★ Comes with a sticker sheet
★ Includes detachable lanyard
★ Quick-release clips to make it easy to get on and off
★ Clip for collar attachment
★ Kick-stand

⋆⁺₊☽ Measurements ☾₊⁺⋆
★ Fan- 8 x 12cm
★ Sticker sheet- 8 x 15cm


This item is made with a production partner, the stickers are custom artwork and design by Carniv.
This is an item I stock as I recommend it for use with costumes and have designed the stickers to fit, however, there are many good alternatives for fans that work with fursuits.
You can also find this item as part of a care kit we have designed (where it is cheaper as part of a bundle).

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